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Middle School Youth Ministry

Why Youth Love Edge

  • It’s a fun, safe place to spend time with their Catholic friends.
  • They get answers to their unanswered questions about their Catholic faith.
  • They experience Jesus Christ in a profound, personal way.
  • They feel like they are important to everyone else in the parish.

Why Parents Love Edge

  • Edge gives middle schoolers a chance to build strong Catholic friendships before they enter high school.
  • They are given talking points via email or in a flyer after every Edge night. Now parents can talk the Edge Night further in a conversation on the drive home.
  • Their children are given Catholic role models on the Core Team who reinforce what is already being taught within the home. Parents often join the Edge Core Team too.
  • Edge understands the physical, psychological, cognitive, relational, and spiritual maturation of middle school youth.




Edge Nights

provides solid, systematic catechesis during the middle school years lays a foundation for their high school formation and beyond.

Wednesday Eveings from 6:30pm - 8:00pm

in the Social Hall


Edge Retreats

are an opportunity for youth to get away from their everyday distractions and issues and to focus and concentrate on deepening their relationship with Jesus.



Service Activities

Youth need to know that they can make a difference today. Service activities and projects are an excellent way for youth help others and build up the Body of Christ.


Junior High Ralley


Join 800 teens from around the archdiocese for this year's Junior High Rally!


Celebrate our Catholic faith with 'built in' time for:

  • Prayer –Let yourself be 'like a living stone' to be built into the church, the people of God.
  • Workshops - Learning how to build the Kingdom of God in your family, parish and school.
  • Connecting – Meet new friends in faith and take time to ‘build one another up’ with words, actions and time shared.