Baptism for Infants


 "God the Father of Mercy, has free    you from sin, given you a new birth by water and the Holy Spirit and has welcomed you into God's Holy People"



What an awesome responsibility parents have.  You have brought forth life and are now entrusted with the gift of eternal life for your child.   In seeking baptism for your infant, you are accepting the responsibility of nurturing their faith.  Our parish seeks to help you in this amazing vocation.

1.  Contact the parish

During Pregnancy or shortly after giving birth, make an appointment to visit with the parish's Minister.   You will find out information about our preparation program and the dates set for the celebration of baptism.  Baptism should be celebrated in the first few weeks after birth.   Baptisms are normally celebrated at the Sunday Eucharist.

2.  Choosing Godparents

Godparents make a promise to help you in your duty as a Christian mother and father.  Godparents must be sixteen years of age or older.  At least one Godparent must be an active Catholic, having celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation and, if married, married sacramentally in the Church.  Godparents should request a recently issued certificate of their baptism and ask their current pastor for a letter of recommendation.

3.   Preparation Program

There are three sessions for parents and godparents.  There is a brief over of  the Catholic Faith; and exploration of the Sacrament of Baptism; and time devoted to family spirituality and the stages of faith for children.  

4.  Celebration of the Sacrament





5.  Forming lifelong Disciples




Infant Baptism Policies of the Archdiocese of Seattle