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Step One: Determining One's Proper Parish

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Under normal circumstances, those who marry in St. Vincent de Paul Church are members of our parish community.  If both parties are Catholic, and one is from another parish, either the church of the bride or groom may celebrate the wedding.  One’s parish is determined by where one regularly participates in Sunday Mass and what faith community one supports with their time, talent and treasure.

If one is not active in a parish community, then the parish in whose geographical boundaries one resides is considered one’s proper parish and the normal place to celebrate one’s wedding.  The map below shows the geographical boundaries of the area parishes.

If there are reasons why it makes sense to celebrate one’s marriage in a church other than one’s proper parish, the permission of the pastor of the proper parish is necessary.  Normally all marriage preparation would be done through one’s proper parish.

Common Questions

1.  I grew up at St. Vincent de Paul Parish and my parents still are members.  I have moved to a different city.  Can I get married at St. Vincent’s?

Yes, but if you have lived somewhere else for at least six months, you will need the written permission of the pastor of the parish where you are active.  If not active in a parish, the permission of the pastor in whose geographical boundaries you live is required.  This is a good time to get established in your own parish community.  You should make an appointment with that pastor and let him know you would like to celebrate your wedding at the parish where you grew up.