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Step Three: Premarital Inventory

Marriage Preparation

The PMI Profile is a tool designed to help couples examine their attitudes and expectations about entering marriage. It is not a test and it cannot predict success in marriage or diagnose psychological problems. Couples can take the PMI at home (approximately 30 minutes) and return it to the Family Ministry Office. It takes two weeks for the computerized results to be compiled and returned to the parish. At that time the couple will meet with the parish's Family Minister or a Marriage Counselor for a 90 minute consultation regarding the results registered on the PMI. This session is usually fun and informative. Fee for the PMI and consultation is $125.00 per couple.



"These inventories are great! They give me and the couple just what we need to get our conversations about their relationship off to a solid start. When I use the booklet form I use the initial session to get to know the couple before I have them take the inventory. The online form is very useful for couples who are travelling into town for their premaritals. They answer the questions before they arrive and I am ready to get going the minute we sit down together. Numerous couples have told me that they feel better equipped for the future because of their inventory and our subsequent conversations. I highly recommend both the PMI and the RMI."

Premarital Inventories

An inventory helps engaged couples to make sure that they have discussed the most important issues.