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Step Four: Evenings for the Engaged

Marriage Preparations

Evenings for the Engaged was started in St. Vincent’s Parish over 30 years ago.  The materials used to facilitate the seven week journey are internationally distributed and utilized.  A group of three to six Engaged Couples along with the presenting team(s) meet one night a week in the home of the presenting team. The home environment allows for a warm and friendly atmosphere conducive to small groups. The seventh week there is a potluck dinner in honor of the Engaged Couples.

The hope of this program is to deepen the couples’ sense of marriage as a calling and vocation in the Christian faith.  We want couples to experience deep communication in all areas of their relationship.  We want couples to taste God’s desire for them to love, to come to an awareness of the beauty of sexual communication, and to know the Church’s need for them to love each other. 

This program is a wonderful opportunity for couples to explore their relationships on a deeper level, knowing there is a parish family that is here ready to offer support and encouragement. Through this approach, we hope to help build stronger, life lasting, and more loving marriages.

The overwhelming evaluations by couples who have been through the program are that it was positive, worthwhile and enlightening.  For some couples, the program begins as an obligation, but many soon see the benefits to taking time out of their busy schedules to nourish their relationship.


The seven week program covers these topics:

Week 1 - Looking at Marriage Together

Week 2 - Ways to Communicate Love

Week 3 - Images of God and Married Love

Week 4 - Sexual Expression of Married Love

Week 5 - The Sacrament of Matrimony

Week 6 - The Journey Ahead: Directions & Detours

Week 7 - Pot Luck Dinner