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Our response to the spreading coronavirus must reflect how we, as disciples of Jesus, love our neighbor and love God.  In caring for all members of our community — especially the elderly and the vulnerable — we are carrying out the mission of the church. We must do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Public Health King County advises against large gatherings. Due to this, we are postponing some nonessential ministry gatherings and other parish events until the county updates its recommendations. 

No "Drive-in" Masses.    The governor’s office issued new guidance around Phase 1 activities of the Safe Start Washington plan, which included “drive-in spiritual services.” Like many of you, we were pleased spiritual services were considered. However, after reviewing the actual guidance, it became clear that “drive-in spiritual services” would not allow the reception of Holy Communion and would not allow for the Catholic Liturgy.  We will continue offering Mass by livestream video and to encourage acts of spiritual communion. It is our hope that we can soon experience the freedom to safely gather for worship. 

Limited Re-Opening of the Church for Public Worship

The most current directives from the Governor's office will now allow outdoor religious services for fewer than 100 individuals.  Indoor services may begin when a county reaches phase two of the state's reopening plan.  This would allow for a gathering of 50 or fewer people.   Our parish Task Force on reopening the church for limited public worship is exploring all the safety precautions that must be in place.   We have not yet scheduled any public Masses, but hope to begin doing so soon.  Attendance will be by reservation only.  Instructions for how to make a reservation will be published here on our web page and in our parish newsletter.  We want to have reservations made both on-line or by phone.

Prior to the pandemic, we would have 1800 people gather on a weekend.   When we re-open, less than 250 would be able to attend a Sunday liturgy. Another 200 spots would be available during the week.   As we deal with a very limited ability, charity and understanding will be required of us all.

Attendance at Mass is voluntary.  The faithful have a dispensation from the obligation of participating in Mass during this pandemic.

Sacrament of Reconciliation is not being scheduled due to the Stay At Home directive from the governor.

The Parish Office is closed in accordance with the Stay At Home directve.   Our amazing custordial team are being sent home and will no longer be sanitizing the church each day.  The parish staff will be working from home.  Please contact them through their regular parish email.  Click here for an email directory


St. Vincent's Church will be open for private prayer

The main church building will be open for private prayer from noon to 2:00 PM on Sundays and Wednesdays.  If you are out and about for your essential tasks, stop by for a little quiet prayer time before the Blessed Sacrament.   Volunteer parishioners are making this a possibility.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE HAVE BEEN VIOLATIONS OF SOCIAL DISTANCING DIRECTIVES BY OVER ZEALOUS SIGNATURE GATHERERS ON CAMPUS WITHOUT PERMISSION.  CONTIUED VIOLATION OF THIS SOCIAL DISTANCING WILL RESULT IN CLOSING THE CAMPUS.
·         There is no organized or public prayer.
·         Social distancing must be observed.
·         Plastic chairs rather than the pews will be used so they can be                  more easily sanitized after each use.
·         Please observe one-way directions in and out of the building.
·         Restrooms will not be open.
·         If you are not feeling well, please stay home.
·         Keep our parishioners in your prayer.
·         And be sure to ask God for what you truly need.

Funeral rites without Mass may be held at the funeral home or graveside led by the priest or other minister.  Attendance is limited to no more than five people (immediate family).  A memorial Mass may be scheduled for a later date once we are again able to gather for Mass.  Other restrictions may be in place out of an abundance of caution to protect families and cemetery workers

May Christ, the Divine Physician, bring healing to the ill, strength to the medical community and compassion to all the faithful.


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Have you lost your job, or some of your income, due to the Shelter in Place

Many people are feeling lonely and isolated with a dramatic reduction of in-person interactions. Those who have lost paid work have also lost the social connections that came with that work. It is more important than ever to connect.
If you have lost a job, I invite you to join with other parishioners for a six week, video conference series of reflection and faith sharing.

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