Sunday Giving

     Sunday Giving

Did you know that your Sunday Contributions constitute 90% of the parish's revenue?

Our day to day "normal" looks much different today then it did last year. No longer can you just "stop by" and celebrate a Sunday Mass that fits your schedule. No longer do we get passed a basket in which to throw in our Sunday Contribution Envelope or "spare" dollars. During this pandemic time  going to Mass and Sunday giving are intentional and require forethought. We want to help make your Sunday giving as easy for you as possible. Below are some options you have:

Sunday Mass - If you are registered to attend a Sunday Mass you can bring your sunday giving and drop it in the basket at the registration desk.

Mail - You can mail in a check to the Parish office at 30525 8th Ave S, Federal Way, WA  98003.

Bank Check - A lot of banks now have the option of "Bill Pay". You can set up an automatic payment to the church to be sent out. This would be set up through your Financial Institution.

Online Giving - Our parish has a website where you can set up a one-time or reoccuring giving using your bank account or credit card. Click HERE to visit our online giving site or call our Pastoral Assistant for Administration, Kim Bowman, at 253-839-2320 x204 who can help you set it up.