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*NEW* Family Faith Formation

“How beautiful it is when we learn to live as Christ, when we allows Christ to live more fully in and through us. This is a big part of what the Eucharistic life is all about!”          – Archbishop Etienne

After prayerful deliberation and consideration of many factors, our Faith Formation Team decided it would be best to create a family faith formation program for this year.  This decision was not made lightly but we hope that it will be in the best interest of your family’s faith life as well as your family’s health to meet together instead of in your individual grade/program levels. Thank you so much to all of you who responded to our survey. Your input was incredibly helpful, so what you see here is very much a result of your input. 

This *NEW* opportunity is open to the whole parish for anyone desiring growth, connectedness, and conversion in our Catholic faith. It also fulfills religious education requirements for Sacramental Prep and Confirmation. 

Here is what you can expect as we "Gather Around the Table" as a family this year...

Gathering Around the Altar: Monthly Gatherings In Person OR via Live Stream

Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm

Now more than ever we desire to be in community. Each family will have the opportunity to gather in the church once a month to participate in activities & teachings related to the Eucharist. To accommodate as many families as possible, we will be offering three similar gatherings that are focused toward different audiences. We know many families have children that span a variety of age groups but you know your family best, so we're asking you to select one of our three offered "tracks." Please keep in mind the whole family is encouraged to attend together and are welcome even if they don't fit the "target audience." The one exception to this is the adult track which is only for those 18+. 

  1. Elementary - target audience is ages 6-12
  2. Teens - target audience is ages 13-18
  3. Adults - target audience is individuals or couples ages 18+

All three tracks will have the same theme for the month and pre-registration will be required via Sign Up Genius to attend in person. All gatherings will also be live streamed, so if the reservations fill up and/or your family isn't ready to gather in person you can still participate in real time! Please note that all in person activities will take place in the church as there are strict protocols in place to help protect all from the spread of Covid-19.

"Parents are the primary educators in faith." - General Directory for Catechesis 255

Gathering Around the Table:

Themed Activities to Do In Your Home

As mentioned above, each month will have a theme related to the Eucharist. For families who would like additional opportunities to worship, serve, and grow together, we will provide take home activities based on the monthly theme. We want to make this work for busy families, so we will provide a variety of activities that you can pick and choose from and do on your own schedule. 

To make sure we have enough supplies and materials, we are asking all families to officially register to participate in our family formation. For your convenience, you can click HERE to register online. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details.