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Infant Baptism

We, the members of St. Vincent de Paul Parish, look forward to welcoming your child into our faith community.  It is our hope to assist you in preparing for the celebration of your child's baptism as well as helping you to realize the special privilege that is yours in leading your child to know God and His great love.

It is a wonderful and awesome responsibility you are taking in bringing your child to the life-giving waters of baptism.  It is a journey you will travel with your child until adulthood.  No one can replace you. We can only help you along the way. You are the first and most important teachers of your child. To help you be the best of teachers, we offer these guidelines.  Please try to understand them in this spirit.

We are sure you want the celebration of your child's baptism to be as meaningful as possible.  This will require your having a basic understand of the rite itself. But even more importantly, it will call for a level of commitment from you to live your faith as Christians in our world today. We are sure you can understand the reasons for this.  While baptism plants the seeds of faith, those seeds will only come to life if an atmosphere of faith surrounds your child as he/she matures. Again, the following guidelines are meant to help you.  We know the struggles you will face in the future.

Since baptism is the entering into a faith community, if you have not already done so, we ask you to register in St. Vincent's Parish at least three months prior to your child's baptism.  You may register on line by clicking here or at the parish office

If you are new to St. Vincent Parish (less than three months) a letter from your former parish that you were an active parishioner will suffice.  With this registration is the assumption that you also attend Mass on a regular basis.  Registration forms are in the pews, on the website or in the office. Please fill one out and return it in the collection basket or to the parish office.

Please call the parish office to schedule an intial meeting with one of the priests or the Adult Faith dirrector.  253-839-2320

(This inforation applies to children under the age of seven. Those older than seven must attend the RCIC classes.)