Marriage Preparation


You are at one of the most exciting and most important times of your lives. You are discovering love, nurturing love, and preparing to commit the rest of your lives to love.  In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells us “God is Love.” For this reason you are also at one of the most powerful events on your journey of faith. No other decision in your life will have the impact as the one you are now making. In entering the sacrament of marriage you will be choosing a way of life that will form you and transform you.

Since love is of God, your parish community wish to join with you in thanking God for this gift of love, and to be supportive as you begin the final preparations for making this singular commitment to God, to one another, and to your faith community.

 A Time of Preparation

Because of the sacredness with which the Catholic Church views matrimony, and because of the importance married couples have in the Church as well as in our larger community, the Church has a responsibility to help those couples who come to us to be as ready as possible for this life-changing covenant.  Under normal circumstances, we ask couples to notify us of their desire to marry at least six months before the anticipated wedding date.  An initial meeting with the pastor must take place before couples set their date in order to ensure the availability of the church and one of the church’s ministers. 

Please contact the parish office at 253-839-2320 for further information.